HEC Range

HEC Range

BMM HEATERS newest range of gas fired heaters – The HEC Range of fully condensing heaters are 101% efficient gas fired Warm air heaters on high fire and 109%+ on low fire and are manufactured as standard 304/316 stainless steel combustion chamber / heat exchangers.

There are various options of burner control for high/low and full modulating operation to give maximum comfort control for room conditions or plant.

HEC Range specifically designed for use in Air Handling Units and ductwork systems and ranges from 12 to 1000kw; larger units can be made bespoke to a project requirements.

The HEC Range can be also installed directly in to supply air duct work using as a side plate or ducted in an existing duct work system.

They can be used in the process industry for various applications such as food, grain drying and car manufacturing to name a few processes.

Currently standard with a part only warranty and optional 5 year warranty at extra cost – subject to our terms.