Direct Fired Range

Direct Fired

100% Thermal Efficient Direct Gas Fired warm Air Heater are manufactured to EN525 and EN746 – Part2 Standards and are a CE marked produced type tested by Bsi

BMM Heaters direct fired BMGD range can be supplied with our without a fan section making them duct mountable in existing systems for new and existing systems or supplied with a fan section to the customers air flow and temperature requirements

BMM Direct fired burners are designed for direct heating of fresh, clean air for low and medium temperature air heating applications.

Typical low temperature applications include humidity-controlled dual stage paint spray booths, general make-up air applications, packaged units, door heaters, grain drying, malt drying, etc.

Typical high temperature process air applications include spray dryers, chemical dryers, fresh air oven heating, drying, baking and curing operations, metal parts finishing and all fresh air heating applications up to 650° C.

These burners can also be mounted downstream of a steam or hot water coil thus bringing the air to a higher temperature. This can boost the capacity of an existing installation

Some of the main advantages are listed below

  • For direct fired fresh air heating applications
  • Operates Economically (100% thermal efficiency) and installs easily
  • Burns clean and odour-free with most gaseous fuels, meeting or exceeding all standards for direct fired make-up air and space heating applications
  • High turndown up to 15:1
  • Modular design configured within your duct for optional temperature distribution
  • No need for combustion air blower
  • Extreme low maintenance cost thanks to robust design (no moving parts) and High quality materials
  • Low purchase cost compared to indirect systems
  • can be operated 24hr without restarting (option)