BMGF Range

BMGF Range

Standard Indirect Gas Fired Cabinet Heaters.

BMM HEATERS standard range of High efficient indirect fired gas and oil warm air Cabinet heaters which can be connected to ducted systems of free blowing.

The BMGF range can be tailor made to your needs.

Units are available in a very wide range of heat outputs, designed for high efficiency and built to the latest Regulations and Directives.

Our heaters are suitable as standard for Natural Gas, LPG, Oil and also Dual Fuel.

These heaters are designed to give high efficiency, reliability and manufactured to give good access for ease of maintenance.

Standard heaters are designed to give output from 12kw to 952kw, larger outputs available on request.

These Units are available in all firing orientations, discharge can be horizontal, downward or upward, depending on the application.

They can be purchased for very high air pressures and very high gas pressures and their range of uses include make up air general heating and high temperature, process heating.