Warming up the Outlet Store

BMM Heaters supplied two suspended high efficient 22kw air heaters with controls.

The heaters are our new compact range which are smaller than our standard suspended heater making them more versatile.

The outputs of the compact range from 7kw to 32kw heat outputs make the heater small enough to heat small premises whereas before the compact units were produced, they were not an option due to the physical size and larger heat outputs.

As with previous projects with Butlins, BMM were given the criteria for the heating system. The greenhouse emissions and running costs were at the forefront of the criteria.

Butlins are working hard to save energy throughout the venue and to reduce the damage to our planet.

Over the last few years Butlins have seen a reduction in energy usage due to the upgrading of there existing equipment for more efficient products; and training staff to be more aware of wasting fuel unnecessarily.