Waitrose Heating Upgrade

Waitrose Cardiff have had the new high efficiency gas fired warm air heater fitted to there existing Air Handling System.

The new BMG gas fire warm air heaters have been tested to 92.5% efficiency and are condensing model with efficiency upto 102% at low fired.

Unlike the existing tube heater type heaters, the BMG range have arguably the best burners in the world wieshaupt. The burners use the most up to date PLC control and are low Nox as standard.

The existing gas burner system was removed by BMM Heaters and the new system BMM heaters installed was fully compatible with the existing controls.

The new system consisted of two double decked 293 BMG modules with a combine output of 600kw and a very impressive turndown ratio of up to 20:1 depending on the actual full output.

The new Gas fired warm air heaters have resolved the on going issues with the heating issues and also save on running cost on an annual basis.

BMM Heaters manufacture bespoke air heaters in to most air handling unit or duct work, a lot of our customers have removed existing electric coils, LPHW coils and replacing them with more efficent gas fired warm air heaters.