Rivergate Shopping Centre – Bespoke Heaters

BMM Heaters were given the task of replacing 11 heaters fitted to Lennox rooftop units. The heaters had become inefficient and unreliable due to being 20 years old.

The Rooftop units were installed within a roof top plant room which made the replacing of the whole rooftops difficult without removing the whole roof.

The old heat exchangers and burners were removed; each heat exchanger was cut into small parts due to the limited access through standard doorways and three flights of stairs to the ground level.

BMM Heaters installed 11 efficient BMG 88 kW stainless steel gas fired heat modules; these were especially designed to fit the existing space available.

Due to the plant room location and tight access the heaters were delivered in flat pack for the built in sections in the plant rooms.

All combustion interlocks and fan control modules were replaced. The BMG unit was replaced with Riello High/low burners to reduce the gas consumption.

An energy efficient control system was installed to control the whole of the rooftop units not just the gas burners, each unit had an individual controller installed on the rooftop units.

The control system has a built-in optimiser, time control, thermostatic control and two stage control capabilities.

BMM Heaters specialise in bespoke gas fired warm air heaters, our heaters can be adapted to the customer’s requirements.

Replacing the heaters was a far less expensive option than replacing the full unit as the rest of the unit was in a reasonable condition.