Process Heating for Jaguar Plant

Jaguar required a process heating system to dry a wax coating onto their new production line of XK, the wax is applied before delivery to individual dealers to protect the new paint work.

The BMM Heater was powered using 110vac due to the specification laid out by the client.

The burner enable was done by using a 24vdc signal from the PLC; our direct fired heaters can operate using various voltages 0-10vdc, 4-20ma and 0-20 phase cut for example. For more information contact our technical team.

The heater also incorporated an integral valve proving system which checked the integrity of the two main gas valves prior to the burner firing and gas pressure switches for high and low gas inlet pressures so safeguard the Dung’s valve due to the high inlet pressure available on site which exceeded 100mbar.

The heating system BMM Heaters supplied was the model 440 BMGD 100% thermal efficient gas fired direct heater, with a turndown ratio of 20:1; the turndown capabilities are ideal for process or were optimum comfort control is essential.
The burner modulated via a 4-20 ma signal from a PLC system.

With the current climate changes and the need for more energy efficient equipment, BMM Heaters direct fired heaters fits the bill and with their extensive turndown capabilities the customer can save money on running costs and at the same time get the finest comfort control within the space.