Palintest Testing the Water with Atag

Palintest is a world leader in water analysis technology. They design, manufacture and supply a full range of high performance products for monitoring water quality in a wide range of applications. They had two old low efficiency gas boilers, they were very inefficient.

BMM Heaters gave the customer two types of boiler manufacturer and after they learnt more about the Atag boilers they decided to go for the more expensive option.

3 x Q50 boilers were installed at Palintest, the boilers came with a Header kit and were connected to a built-in cascade control system, multiple boilers connected to each other give the best efficient installation, these boilers have the highest modulating range between 16 and 100% and are 110.9% efficient according to RAL UZ61, Efficiency at temperature range of 23/26ºC, come complete with multiple flue options stainless steel heat exchanger and 5 year parts and labour warranty.

The ATAG boilers replaced two old low efficiency cast iron boilers, which were unreliable and costly to run. The efficiency of the old boilers were approximately 70% Nett efficient compared to the new Atag boilers being 110.9% Nett.

The cascade system also make the system more efficient as the boilers will cascade to one boiler when the system is up to temperature thus using less gas.