Mercat Shopping Centre – Kirkcaldy

88 BMG Gas fired Heater

BMM Heaters were given the task of designing a gas fired heater to replace eight obsolete gas fired sections.

The heaters had to be designed around the existing sizes of the air handling units, internal modifications had to be carried out prior to the installation of the gas fired air heater.

The heaters were designed using specialised 3D software, which assisted us to give our production team more accurate information, which limited mistakes and made production more efficient.

The shopping centre is situated on the east coast of Scotland at Kirkcaldy, BMM heaters advised the customer to fit stainless steel heat exchangers rather than BMM heaters standard mild steel heat exchangers which would have been attacked by the salt air and halving the life expectancy.

Eight gas fired vertical units with a Riello gas fired burner were fitted to each air handling unit, the gas burners were two stage to reduce energy wastage and to give a better comfort control.

BMM Heaters specialise in retro fitting and the design of bespoke gas fired heaters, we have designed heating systems and retrofitted them in place of numerous obsolete gas fired heating equipment.

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