Export to Dnepr Warehouse – Ukraine

BMM Heaters had to design a heating system to work at very low temperature due to a frost biting -31ºC.

The heater was design to rise the supply air temperature from -30ºC. This was achieved by using a 586 BMG.

Seven 586 BMG indirect gas fired heater were supplied with weishaupt new two stage gas burner there model WM10-G10 which has a digital combustion system now installed and fitted with a newly developed fan to give quieter operation.

The gas burners were only suitable for temperatures down to -15ºC to over come this problem, burner compartment heaters were installed to keep the compartment above -15ºC.

The heaters were constructed of high grade stainless steel to resist against the extreme temperatures which pass across the combustion chamber and Heat exchanger.