Exhibiting Quality at Earls Court

BMM Heaters service division service and maintain all the gas fired appliances on site at the Earls Court Exhibition Centre. The gas appliances consisted of air heaters, roof top units, boilers and water heaters.

Our installation team installed new ventilation ductwork to an existing Nordair Niche free blowing air handling unit within the Earls Court Exhibition Centre. The ductwork was routed across the top of the lift doors and grills fitted to blow the warm air down in front of the door to heat the cold draughts from the lift shafts.

Two 91 kW Reznor Euro T heaters were replaced with new heaters fitted with a four way distribution head, to direct the heat across newly installed automatic roller doors and into the main hall.

Our service division specialise in direct fired and indirect fired air heaters; brands such as BMM Heaters, Combat, Reznor, Ambi-rad and Garbutt Heaters.

We have engineers covering the whole of the United Kingdom.