BMM Warm up the Crowd at the Theatre

BMM Heaters had the challenge of warming the Georgian Theatre which was built in 1766.

Our technical team was faced with a number of issues due to the theatre being a listed building.

They quickly found that our standard gas fired warm air heaters were unsuitable due to the heaters requiring large ventilation holes to be cut in the building outer wall; these size holes were unacceptable to the local authorities.

We then offered the customer a wet system, which limited the quantity and size of holes in the outer wall.

The wet system was designed and installed by BMM Heaters Limited.

The system consisted of an Ideal IMAX 60 fully condensing boiler, a mixture of radiators and Dunham-Bush fitted on a closed loop system.

Three hot air collectors were fitted at high level to make the system more efficient saving the customer on there running costs.

The hot air collector worked on the principle that the hot air will rise to the roof level and then the warm air is blown down to ground level.

BMM Heaters Limited have installed a number of Ideal IMAX boilers recently, these boilers are high efficiency condensing boilers with an impresive 94% gross efficiency; thus giving our customers a band A efficiency boiler and low NOX (Class 5) saving on the running costs.