BMM Replacement for Garbutt Heaters

BMM Heaters had the task of replacing two Garbutt Heaters with an output of 513 kW, which heated a cash and carry store in Portsmouth.

The new efficient heaters designed and built by BMM Heaters were fitted with a two stage gas burner making the heaters more efficient than the old heaters.

The BMM heater fitted directly to the existing duct work & flue system with ease and the gas pipe work required minimal modifications.

The heaters were made with aluminum penterpost frame work, with 30mm double insulated panels to retain the heat within the heater section.

The heaters were supplied in two parts for easy shipment and then assembled on site.

BMM Heaters also supplied a high efficient control system which had a built in optimiser and high/low control facility; this will save on gas consumption over the coming years.

BMM Heaters also have an option for a condensing warm air heater, which can have a turndown as low as 22:1; if these are of interest please contact our sales office.