BMM Heaters Replace Garbutt Direct Fired Heater

St Marks Church had been 100% satisfied with the existing Garbutt gas fired warm air heater; however it was due for replacement due to the heater age which was fitted in the 1980’s.

Some of BMM Heaters employees have a long standing relationship with the church.

The BMM Heaters “BMGD” direct fired warm air heater is a direct replacement for the old Garbutt Heaters, which allowed it to be fitted onto the existing structure were as alternative heater would not fit within the existing space available.

The new Direct Fired Heater has been fitted with an additional filter section and specialised acoustic lining on the air outlet duct so that the noise level are significantly lower in the church.

The burner is a fully modulating type and connected to an ECA high efficient control system, which allows for close comfort control within the church area by using a 0-10vdc signal.