BMM Heaters are Hungary for Success

293 BMG Gas Fired Air Heater

BMM Heaters have supplied 21 high turndown gas fired air heaters to the new 190 million euros Bridgestone tyre plant in Hungary, which has been specially designed to produce 8,000 tyres per day for passenger cars and light trucks.

The gas fired heaters were specially designed with stainless steel due to condensation caused by the high turndown capabilities of the gas burners and specially designed condensate drains were fitted to the heat exchanger to remove unwanted condensate water.

The heaters were design to work in conditions down to -30ºC.

The heaters outputs supplied range from as little as 59 KW and increasing to 910 KW, all the heaters supplied had high turndown ratios and high efficiency.

We have further projects on the way in Hungary and are currently quoting more projects in Hungary.